Murtaza Wahab inaugurates 15th Satryoon Sang Crafts Exhibition

SUKKUR   -    Mayor Karachi, Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Wednesday inaugurated the three day 15th‘ Sartyoon Sang Crafts’ exhibition at Dolmen Mall Clifton, here. The three-day exhibition is organized by the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) with collaboration of Sindh government displaying work of around thousands women artisans of Sindh with an aim to provide market linkages to rural women and artisans.

Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab appreciated the endeavours of Sindh Rural Support Organizations for poor and destitute community and expecting in future to keep such spirit for rural communities of Sindh. “We all need to be very practical in understanding the occurring issues of women at ground level and should participate in a way of solving them that would bring changes,” he asserted. According to him, handicrafts and artifact help create harmony among different cultures. He said such platforms help indigenous artisans market their products. “It’s the government’s responsibility to not let the work of these artisans die and appreciate the laborious work needed to create handicrafts,” he said.

In appreciation of the event, Wahab emphasized the significance of such initiatives in promoting artisans, handicrafts, and Sindh’s rich culture. He invited SRSO to organize this kind of exhibition anywhere under the ownership of any local authority of Karachi, we will give maximum support. The Mayor announced that we will buy whatever remains of the goods kept in the three-day Sartyoon Sung Crafts exhibition in Karachi under the order of the Chairman of the People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. The Sartyoon Sang Craft Exhibition, organized by SRSO for the past fifteen years, champions ethical fashion and seeks to uplift the crafts of marginalized women in the province. He further said artisans dedicate their entire lives to preparing masterpieces, but their work is never appreciated in urban centers, such as Karachi. However, these activities will certainly bring the handicrafts of Sindh in the limelight, he said. The event also attracted large numbers of women residents of Clifton and nearby areas, where all ingredients of Sindhi culture are there. In an exquisite traditional crafts have been displayed, a wide mixture of Sindh’s handicrafts made by rural women are exhibited, including home textiles, basketry, jewellery, dresses, dupattas and shawls, embellished with traditional embroidery and cutwork.

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