PIE holds inaugural meeting of newly eatablished RAG

ISLAMABAD   -   The Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) successfully convened the inaugural meeting of its newly established Research Advisory Group (RAG) on Wednesday.

The Research Advisory Group meeting, which marks a significant milestone for PIE, brings together prominent educationists, researchers, and stakeholders from across Pakistan to set the research agenda for the country’s education sector and provides guidance and support to PIE in positioning itself as the leading public sector think tank for informing education sector policy.

The event was attended by distinguished guests including Mr. Sohail Akhtar, Senior Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MOFEPT), Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya, Director General of PIE, Dr. Nizamuddin, Dr. Farid Pinjwani, Dr. Shahid Munir Chairman Punjab HEC, Dr. Faisal Bari from LUMS, and Dr. Jamila Razzaq, Research Lead of DARE-RC. Sohail Akhtar, Senior Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, said that the consultative session featured brainstorming on research topics and themes, focusing on leveraging PIE’s flagship reports, such as the Pakistan Education Statistics (PES) Report and the National Assessment Test (NAT) Report. The discussions aimed at identifying priority research areas that align with the pressing needs of Pakistan’s education landscape. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya provided an introduction to PIE, highlighting its role as a premier “Think Tank” that supports policy formulation through evidence-based research.

He said, this initiative underscores PIE’s commitment to strengthening the quality and impact of educational research in Pakistan. By harnessing the expertise of the newly formed RAG, PIE is poised to make significant strides in informing effective educational policies and fostering positive change within the country’s educational landscape. 

The RAG serves as a critical advisory body envisioned to provide expert guidance on educational research and its application within Pakistan’s educational landscape. The establishment of RAG aligns with PIE’s strategic vision to leverage valuable insights from esteemed professionals and steer its research efforts towards addressing the most pressing challenges in Pakistan’s education sector.

The group is comprised of representatives with deep understanding of Pakistan’s educational landscape and possess expertise in research, policymaking, and academia. Presentations were delivered on PIE’s organizational structure and its ongoing work, along with a comprehensive overview of RAG’s background and its designated mandate. A central focus of the meeting was a collaborative brainstorming session on potential research topics and themes. Additionally, productive discussions were held on fostering collaboration between PIE, universities, and research institutions.

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