Propaganda War

Elections in India mean heightened meddling and propaganda regarding Pakistan. False flags are in addition to this. For months now, Indian political leadership is throwing the burden of their inefficacies under the cover of Pakistan hatred. Islamophobia has become a regular feature of Indian politics under the BJP. Using it as a political tool, the leadership carrying a visible tilt towards extremism, targets both Indian Muslims and Pakistan. Not a word of sympathy and sanity has become an unspoken rule in India’s downgrade into the politics of hate.

For months, while the leadership and politicians made it a regular occurrence in their campaign speeches, online social media armies have continued to throw a new anti-Pakistan narrative every day. It is funny that you will find less of India on Indian X (formerly Twitter) and more of Pakistan. This is not something new. The historic enemy is the most favourite subject in India’s political and especially election-time discourse. However, it is equally fair to put down this propaganda and call it out for what it is; fact-strained political rhetoric. This extremism has harmed India more than anyone else. The growth in religious intolerance, a deep dive into a Hindu autocracy one day at a time, concerns of international actors piling up. India lost its claims of openness and diversity long ago. The political culture has flipped 360 degrees, with BJP painting itself in the corner for forever being communal and anti-Pakistan. The only solid thing that the BJP sells is pure communal hatred. 

Pakistan must continue to expose India’s false claims so that the world can see the country for what it is. Even when a new government comes to rule in June, there is little that can be expected from hate-mongers. Pakistan must keep its position clear and must keep projecting itself as the responsible state, that controlled a possible escalation back in 2019.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt