Even the so called liberals are now saying that a divine hand appears to be sorting out the mess that was ‘Pakistan’, a few weeks ago. I remember my elders saying that whenever this happens, retribution or corrective action is manifested through earthly hands – in this case these earthly hands appear to be our Apex Judiciary and the Armed Forces. Who could even in their most farfetched fantasy imagine that the high and mighty in the land would come tumbling down in ignominy? If there had been an iota of self-respect in the Sharif Family, they would have covered their faces in shame, when facing the cameras, but I expect that such a time will come on cue, in the divine scheme of things.

That there is a split in the Ruling Party is no more a matter for debate, since enough credible indicators have surfaced to the effect that all is indeed not well with the PML N. I have spoken privately to many legislative members of the Party, who have expressed not only dissatisfaction with the leadership, but readiness to cross the aisle when the need arises. Some of them surprised me by expressing that they see their bitterest rival PTI as forming the next government in the Center.

Whether or not Khan Sahib carries off an upset victory in the next polls, we cannot deny the fact that his political savviness has undergone a radical change for the better. To that end, while the PML N bigwigs are busy paying homage to their disqualified leader, PTI is utilizing the pre-election period in a flurry of public meetings, media projection and press briefings. This has given Imran Khan a handsome lead in time over PML N that might cost the latter heavily, as public opinion goes.

I cannot help, but feel sorry for PPP and the anguish, its present state may be causing, to the departed souls of its founder and his charismatic daughter. The fact that Bhutto’s name could never be delinked from his political offspring was a notion that Mr. Zardari naively overlooked in his overconfidence. He therefore had no option, but to bring in a Bhutto grandchild into Pakistani politics. He also ignored the fact that he (or she) could be highly unsuited, on account of western upbringing, for the rough and tumble nature of our political chessboard. The end result of these decisions has reduced this once great political party from a national to a provincial entity – a status not expected to change in the current scheme of things. It is for this very reason that we may see much crossing of aisles from PPP in the period before the Elections.

As far as MQM and PSP is concerned, the nation was highly entertained by what can be called a ‘Jerry Lewis’ type motion picture released and taken down on the same day. During my Karachi visits and interaction with the so called ‘mohajirs’, I have discovered nothing but political confusion. The MQM vote bank is the back bone of what was once a bustling commercial hub of Pakistan. This community was at one time lucid, clear headed and focused. The recent spate of events, including their founder’s connections with RAW, have plunged them into confusion that becomes evident, when you discuss politics with them. Many cannot even tell you, who they will vote for in the coming polls. This makes them vulnerable to political manipulation and undesirable effects. The recent drama has put both MQM and PSP in embarrassing positions. Both parties are nothing short of two opposing companies of actors on stage controlled by invisible strings. Of the two, MQM will continue to figure in the two large urban areas of Sind i.e. Karachi and Hyderabad. This would make it relevant to any party that fails to win an absolute majority in the next elections.

I tell people that we are passing through one of the most historic eras of our political history after gaining independence. We are witnessing the stirrings of a change – perhaps even the much talked about prediction of the ‘second resurgence’. Coming times are likely to be exciting, bringing us much awaited hope.


The writer is a freelance columnist.