LAHORE - With the mesmeric energy and intense eyes Ahsan Khan is a superstar known for his versatile and natural acting stills. Born in London Ahsan began his acting career in 1998. He appeared in films like Nikah, Billi, Ishq Khuda and Dil Mera Dharkan Teri. Later started acting in TV plays. With the revival of the film industry he is back in game. He is part of new upcoming films that new directors and producers are coming up with. In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his career, drama serial Udaari and upcoming movies. Following are excerpts of the Interview:

1. Tell us about your career in Showbiz industry? How much did you struggle to become a leading face in front of the audience?

I think I always grow up becoming an actor. I used to participate in plays at school and college. Since my childhood I had passion for acting. For me acting is my job in which the story is told by means of enactment by an actor who adopts the character. I had to struggle a lot to become the leading face in this industry.

2. Actor, model, and now producer, you have donned all the hats. Where do you feel most comfortable?

I had an admirable experience working in all these fields. Our film industry is moving towards revival in a magnificent era of renaissance. We are making films that can be compared Bollywood movies. I think new films which are being released this Eid that is Janaan, Actor-in-law, Zindage Kitne Haseen Hay are a massive hit on the box office. Filmmakers are working hard and giving their best for the revival of Pakistani cinema.

3. What made you start your own production house?

It was a random decision with my friend. I always offer the best script in the market. I made a production house I produced three dramas and one drama was awarded Lux Style Award. Now, I’m working on films. 

4. Chupan Chupai is your coming movie. Share something about it.

Chupan chupai is an upcoming Pakistani- comedy thriller film with interesting twists and turns that has been directed by Mohsin Ali. I performed my role as a comic avatar in this film. It is a film full of comedy and entertainment for the audience.

5. Tell us about your drama serial udaari?

Udaari is a Pakistani drama serial that targets on the social and economic marginalization of citizens in Pakistani society alongside highlighting deeply rooted problems in Pakistan such as child sexual abuse, the uptake of music as a career, false police involvements and negative political supports, in order to break the myths and taboos which surround these issues by providing real solutions to serious problem. The drama highlights and raise awareness about the child abuse topic in our society which is often ignored.

6. What have you accomplished by highlighting such an important topic which often brushed under the carpet?

First of all talking about this topic was an achievement in itself. Drama is the medium through which we can deliver our message to the audience. I think such topic should be more highlighted to raise awareness among people. I have started campaign now on child abuse with different NGO’S and making a documentary film on it. 

7.  Now the film industry of Pakistan has picked up a significant pace. Do you think that we are working towards revival?

I think yes the situation has dramatically changed in last two years. We are moving towards revival and modern cinemas are opening up in all big cities of the country. The situation is changing rapidly and the agents of change are young people who are coming up with new ideas and subjects for their film projects. The films released on this Eid are example of revival. I challenge that in upcoming two years our film industry will be considered as international film industry like Hollywood and Bollywood.

8. Would you like doing more meaning full role in future like Imtiaz in udaari?

Yes of course! I will keep on working and mainly feature such topics in the society to create awareness among people.  No drama serial had a strong impact on television viewers than udaari.  After udaari I refused six different scripts because they didn’t have any depth in the story. The story should be meaningful that is what I believe.

 9. While working on a set with which co-star you were are most comfortable with?

I think your own behavior attitude matters a lot on the set. Sajjal Ali, Mehwish Hayat Saba kamar they all are talented actresses and it is always pleasure working with them.  They are many great people in our industry to work and you learn a lot from senior artistes. I would not take one name because I always enjoyed working with every co star.

10. Are you satisfied with the pace of your work? Don’t you think for the revival of Pakistan’s entertainment industry you need to contribute more?

When I started working in the film industry the films were not made on that high budget as compared nowadays. With the passage of time I worked on many new projects and made my own production house. I’m producing three new films soon to be released. 

11. You love to dance and have performed in many awards shows, have you got professional dance training?

I got no professional dancing skills. I haven’t learned it properly from anywhere. It was always a passion and hobby to learn more about dance. I refused few international films. I only enjoy what I love to do. I have performed in many awards show.

12. What projects are in pipeline?

Chupan chupai and two more films are my upcoming projects.