It is really a great step which is taken by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government to launch the Ehasas programme for working the fundamental rights of the citizens. It is important to noted that poverty in Pakistan is one of the horrifying issues that is being faced by every individual.

Where citizens are failed to get their basic rights like education, health care, shelter, clothing and food. Ehsas policy is great initiative which provides the basic necessities as fundamental rights of its citizens. There are four pillars which are being focused is equality, safety nets, human capital development and jobs and livelihoods. It is known to everybody that Pakistan is suffering miserable conditions due to poverty where the half population lives under the poverty and due to not getting their fundamental rights, the people are compelled to do different sorts of evils like suicide, robbery, begging, terrorism, unemployment, child marriage and child labour are common practices in Pakistan.

The help of Ehsas policy the all social evils will be finished and country can step forward towards the development and advancement. Because a nation can be peaceful when its citizens get their basic necessities. There will be equality among every citizen.

Along with this, the PM of Pakistan has announced to increase the amount of money where social protection and poverty alleviation will be set up. That might be tough but the hard work will paid. At last, the prime minister of Pakistan should be appreciated for launching Ehasas programme for solving the basic problems of poor citizens because poverty can be controlled and the country can step forward towards prosperous and peace.