ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) chairman Im­ran Khan on Thursday reiterated his demand for early elections and warned the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led coalition government of giving another protest call if he was “pushed to the wall.”

“The way we are be­ing pushed to the wall, it will not take a long time when we will lose our patience. And if things moved in such a way, then we will have to give another protest call,” former prime min­ister said in his tele­vised address to the nation, which was also broadcast live on PTI’s social media platforms.

He said that the only way to save the country from chaos, unrest, and political quagmire was holding the free and fair election. He stressed that the political stabili­ty could only bring eco­nomic stability in the country and snap polls had become indispen­sible in this connection.

PTI chairman Imran Khan came down hard on the government for putting the coun­try into a quagmire of problems, and urged that holding early and transparent polls was the only way forward to avert the looming eco­nomic collapse.

He alleged that the incumbent govern­ment did not have any credibility, especial­ly in the financial mar­kets. He said that Paki­stan’s credit rating had slipped from positive to negative since the pres­ent government seized power in April.

The ex-premier fur­ther said that the country needed $30 billion financing to pay back loans; the present government would only manage to arrange $ 8 billion from internation­al lenders. “The situation is fast moving out of our hands,” he said, adding that the present government was pushing the country into the quagmire.

The PTI chief said that the powers that be must think about it as the current government was incapable of taking the country out of uncertainty and chaos.

“The graph of the country is going down day by day, the country has reached the risk rating to 22.7 percent,” he said, add­ing that, “If the current government con­tinues, they would not be able to pay back the loans.” “They are registering se­dition cases against us, arresting jour­nalists who support us,” he said. He cau­tioned that PTI would come out on roads if the government failed to announce the date for the elections soon.

He lamented that Pakistan has never witnessed this level of inflation as the rupee continues to lose its value despite an IMF bailout.

Khan compared that petrol prices in global markets were at $103 per barrel when they hiked the fuel prices to Rs150 per litre. But the incumbent government has increased the price to Rs230 per li­tre when the prices are declining in in­ternational markets.

“I do not have any personal benefit in early elections but since these people are only bent on getting clean chit in their cases, it could further hurt the country politically and economically,” he said