ISLAMABAD    -    The National Assembly of Pakistan has formally written to the IPU Sec­retary General, calling for inclusion of an emergency item in the IPU’s forthcoming General Assembly, due on 8th October in the capital of Rwanda, with the title “Call for Cre­ating a Global Fund/ Financing Fa­cility for Climate Vulnerable Coun­tries to Address Loss and Damage Associated with Climate Change”. 

After successfully aligning the Asia Pacific Nations by hosting a two-day regional seminar of the 34-member Inter-Parliamentary Union Group of Asia Pacific coun­tries, the Pakistan’s National As­sembly’s draft resolution seeks retribution from countries respon­sible for carbon emissions and sub­sequent environmental disorder. Pakistan’s share in carbon emis­sions has been less than one per­cent. However, it is among world’s top five countries badly affected by its adverse effects. The recent floods have caused an unprec­edented damage to Pak economy as over 1500 people lost their lives, millions were left homeless, almost a 3rd of its landmass under water and the accumulated damage to infrastructure being estimated at over 20 billion US dollars. Paki­stan has sought endorcement of the draft resolution from other de­veloping nations, reminding them that they could be the next in line falling prey to this menace