LAHORE - Pakistan Business Forum has expressed its strong reserva tion over the overbilling by the electricity supply companies to the industrial and business consumers. Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) Lahore Chapter President Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, in a statement issued here on Thursday, alleged that the industrialists in the provincial metropolis and all over the province are receiving bills for even those units which they had not consumed. He claimed that such bills are being issued to businesses. Electricity supply companies are already providing very expensive electricity coupled with the heavy burden of Fuel Adjust Charges (FCA) and other taxes. Our indus- tries are finding it very hard to pitch their products in price range which fits to the pocket of the domestic con- sumers due to higher input cost. Similarly, it is also ren- dering our industry incompetitive in the international market. Pakistan is in real need of foreign exchange to help stabilize its deteriorat- ing economy and in such a situation, industries whether they are export oriented or export substituted, should be given support to continue their activities creating job opportunities as well as keep the business wheel moving. This will generate revenue for the governme