Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Imran Amin has said that a transport system of ships, boats and ferries to carry vehicles will be launched in Lahore after reviving water flow in the river.

A Turkish company has presented a plan to restore the splendor of the Ravi river. He said in an interview that RUDA will procure water from waste water treatment plants and the BRB canal to restore Ravi river. “We have made payments for land to the farmers months ago through the revenue board. The river training work is going on and the work on three barrages will also begin shortly,” he added.

Imran Amin said water flow in the river will be restored and put to a good use.

“According to a global report, the Ravi has been declared one of the poisonous rivers of the world and using its water for agricultural production will be unjust to the people, while whoever builds a housing society in Ravi city will have to install a water treatment plant.”

He said the Ravi city is going to be the largest riverfront in the world at 46km with a combination of nature’s blessings and historical wealth of Lahore. The beauty o Kamran's Bara Dari will also be restored as per the original architectural style. “Tourists from all over the world will come to visit the Ravi river and enjoy the natural environment,” he added.

According to the RUDA CEO, the total worth of the project will be $40 billion. "We can get all the investment from the private sector and the government is working on the project with full interest .

A Turkish company and RUDA are working to implement the project, which will be completed in three phases.