ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Thurs­day suspended the trans­mission of two private news channels ARY and Bol news for three days for not install­ing time delay mechanism. Ac­cording to a press release, both the TV channels were continu­ing their broadcast without installing any effective time delay mechanism in violation of the directives to do so. The Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of both the channels were summoned for personal hear­ing but they preferred submit­ting only written replies of the notices. According to the press release, Pemra has issued or­ders to cable operators and distribution networks not to air both the channels for three days after finding their writ­ten replies as unsatisfactory. The released recalled that that the authority had directed TV channels on September 5 to implement the verdict of apex court and PEMRA laws, while informing the authority about the progress made on install­ing time-delay mechanism to enable authority to issue or­ders related to live broadcast after confirming the instal­lation. Pemra warned strict legal action for airing any content against the state insti­tutions and called for employ­ing a time-delay mechanism to avoid any punitive actions in the future. Any channel hav­ing no time delay mechanism would not be allowed to cover public event live.