PESHAWAR - An expatriate Pakistani, Amjad Khan, lived a happy life while earning abroad and visiting home in Pakistan from time to time. However, his fate was sealed after his wife developed bad intentions for him.

Amjad, a native of Swat district, arrived in Peshawar wherefrom he was expected to fly to Dubai. However, Amjad was killed in Peshawar and his body was recovered from the Chamkani locality of the provincial capital.  

The blind murder was registered at Chamkani Police Station. When a police team started investigating the case, they also questioned the wife of the slain as well as his father-in-law.

“During questioning, the police team noticed that both the father and daughter (the slain man’s father-in-law and wife) contradicted their statements. However, further interrogations cleared the blind murder as both the suspects revealed that they had killed Amjad because his wife had developed relations with Ahmed Hassan, a brother-in-law of her sister,” an official said.

Both the daughter and father planned to kill Amjad because the latter had huge money in his bank accounts and upon his death, all the money would have to be transferred to his wife. The two arrestees also identified Ahmed Hassan and a sister of the prime accused in the case.