Shahid Ashraf issues directives to improve Railways performance, cut fuel expenses

Administration rejects news about closure of stalls at Lahore Railway Station

LAHORE  -  Caretaker Railways Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar has issued a series of directives aimed at enhanc­ing the performance of various departments of the Pakistan Railways in a meeting held at the Pakistan Railways Headquarters here on Friday. 

Among the key directives, Minis­ter Tarar emphasized the gradual transition of the entire railway net­work to an online fuel management system. The move aims to curtail fuel expenses and prevent fuel theft, a long-standing concern for the railway network. Additionally, he stressed the need for digital moni­toring of fuel usage and ensuring ef­ficient fuel supply at storage depots.

Operational efficiency was also a focal point, with the minister directing efforts to enhance the overall efficiency of Pakistan Rail­ways. Furthermore, he urged measures to improve services in the railway’s health sector and expe­dite the shift to solar energy within the railway network. The minister applauded administrative measures taken against electricity theft and called for the installation of meters for electricity supply companies in all residential units in railway colo­nies to reduce expenses in the electrical depart­ment. Regarding infrastructure, Tarar was briefed on repair work related to tracks affected by floods and heavy rains. He instructed the Divisional Su­perintendent of Quetta to ensure the completion of track repair on the Sibi-Harnai section by Sep­tember 30. In a significant development, it was decided during the meeting to modernize Cairns Hospital and open outpatient services to the gen­eral public. All hospitals under railway supervi­sion will be upgraded, without involving public-private partner­ships, with the Railways taking the initiative to innovate in the health­care facilities. Lastly, the Railway Minister tasked the administra­tion with presenting a business model for revenue collection from railway hospitals by the upcoming Friday, highlighting a proactive ap­proach to financial sustainability within the healthcare sector of the department. Meanwhile, in response to re­cent rumors and misleading reports, the Paki­stan Railway Administration Lahore Division has issued a firm statement on Friday, refuting claims of the closure of stalls at Lahore Railway Station. The administration clarified two stalls were closed due to the expiration of their lease agreements. This action aligns with established protocols. The administration is set to conduct a new auction, allowing the highest bidders to take possession of the closed stalls.

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