Peace quest

After the 2024 elections, the situation in Sindh, particularly in the districts of Ghotki, Kashmore, and Shikarpur, has deteriorated significantly in terms of peace. Gruesome criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom and road robberies have made life extremely difficult for the common man. In this dire scenario, the police force has become severely weakened and unable to effectively tackle these issues.

Approximately 70 innocent people have been kidnapped from these three districts alone. One such victim, Abdul Rafay from Shikarpur, was tragically killed by his abductors when he refused to pay ransom on March 6th. Additionally, a primary school teacher from Kashmore lost his life while resisting a robbery, and many others have been injured by these criminals.

One cannot help but wonder if these criminals enjoy political support. If not, then why have not the elected representatives from these constituencies raised their voices to address these urgent matters? They should demand decisive and vigorous action from the government to protect the public and provide them with much-needed relief.

Despite the alarming and distressing law and order situation, the people still maintain faith in the police and other law enforcement agencies to restore peace in these cities. There is hope that the future will mark the end of this culture of violence and crime. AAMIR ALI, Sindh.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt