Shikarpur crisis

The situation in Shikarpur has worsened considerably in recent times, with the city plagued by a pervasive lack of peace. Fear grips every citizen, as security remains elusive.

Shikarpur’s men are left vulnerable, with no adequate protection provided. Regrettably, no politician has stepped forward to address the deteriorating conditions in the city, and the police force has failed to take effective action.

Business activities persist in the city, yet thieves brazenly snatch money during daylight hours, with impunity. The authorities have failed to confront these criminals, leaving the populace at their mercy. Those who venture out for work, day or night, risk being kidnapped or killed, often for hefty ransoms.

Recent incidents highlight the severity of the situation. A kidnapping victim’s family was extorted for a substantial sum, which they were unable to pay due to their impoverished circumstances, resulting in tragic consequences.

Numerous kidnappings have occurred in Shikarpur, yet the Sindh government is yet to hold the perpetrators accountable. The silence surrounding the unrest in Shikarpur is deafening, while the suffering of the underprivileged only intensifies.

We urge the Chief Minister of Sindh and the Sindh DIG to promptly address these issues in Shikarpur. The people of Shikarpur yearn for peace and security, essential for a decent quality of life. ALI GUL NAPAR, Shikarpur.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt