Why Usman Mukhtar does not want to work with Kubra Khan?

Famous actor Usman Mukhtar has refused to work with Kubra Khan.

Usman Mukhtar made this remark while appearing as a guest at a private news channel.

"She actually trolls a lot on the set. Once she came up with a head set and VR and gave it to me to wear; it was a virtual building top, She sent me on the plank, and then she pushed me, I thought I was falling from the height, she filmed it too and sent it to me on my birthday. Also, I had a height phobia, so it was really terrible."

He said Kubra sent him video on his birthday and trolled him. 

“Though she is my good friend, I will not work with him,” Usman said.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt