Nowadays, it seems that we are attached more and more towards technology. Yesterday, it was used only for the business purpose but now it has become a part of our lives. Approximately 88% of teens between ages 12-17 own a cell phone. We are engaged in cell phone so much that we have started ignoring the people around us. Texting has become the best hobby or pasttime of youth. We have given so much importance to the cell phones that we are always holding a cell phones in our handsand texting at the events, universities, gatherings, dinner table and at the worship places as well.

Although cell phone can be very beneficial in emergency because there is always a need of communication between one another but now teens cannot spend their single day without cell phones. Teens love to texts rather than calling so they keep their all concentration in the cell phones. Texting has kept us away from expressing our feelings and ideas. Approximately 62% teen’s text and 38% make calls.

Excess use of mobile phone creates psychological disorders. We get depressed if we don’t get a response to our texts and calls. Teens are destroying their lives talking to strangers, especially girls. Cheap packages have made the situation worse. Parents have to be attentive if a child is spending too much time on cell phones.


Karachi, August 10.