It’s a dream of every parent to provide the best education to their children from the best institutes like Cadet College Petaro, Aitchison College Lahore, Military College Jhelum and etc, but unfortunately their kids don’t qualify for the admissions as they fail to come on the merit list. This is just because the roots of corruption have crept inside the educational institutes, such as Aitchison College, where from decades the students were being selected on source by using the powers of our so-called leaders to get their kids qualified for the admission.

Dr. Agha Ghazanfar was appointed by the Board of Governers (BoG) as a principal of the Aitchison College for a period of five years which was to be end in 2018. He conducted the entry tests on pure merit bases. Soon after that he received several phone calls from the so-called politicians like Ayaz Sadiq, the speaker of National Assembly, Yousuf Raza Gillani, the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Makhdum Ahmed, the former governor of Punjab, Mian Mansha, and many other politicians to get their sons passed in the entry test.

In total disregard for merit and the fact that former Punjab governor Chaudhry Sarwar had abolished kinship quota last year, the influential personalities started pressurizing the Principal, Dr. Agha Ghazanfar to grant admission to their children. However the principal refused to cave in to their demands even when threatened that he could lose his job, which he did eventually on Tuesday, 28-July.

The honest principal stated it clearly to them before the conduction of entry test that if your son falls on merit list then he will get admission if not then he is very sorry. This sentence was not digested by our leaders. Soon the entry tests were held and the children of these political leaders failed to get admission in the prestigious institution as they failed to obtain the required score – Sadiq’s grandson Ayan Sadiq scored 18.78 per cent while Gilani’s grandson Miran Mustafa Gilani obtained 40.22 per cent, much lower than the cut-off score to gain admission. This was the first time ever in history that such a prestigious college had the entry tests on merit while kicking the kinship quota, source and money into the trash bin.

After that the above mentioned politicians, who believe that might is still right, called the BoG to remove the principal, appoint a new one and subsequently get their sons fall in final merit list. As a result of this all, the BoG called three meetings and the principal was badly abused, even after that he didn’t edit the final merit list. Shortly after that, a fourth meeting was conducted without sending any notification to the principal to attend the meeting, and in which it was decided to get rid of the services of the principal. The Principal has now been removed from his designation though he has not got any official notification of removal yet. Kudos to Mr. Agha Ghazanfar for his struggle for justice and equality! Confirming the reasons behind his removal, Dr Ghazanfar said that Aitchison is increasingly becoming a hotbed for corruption and the authorities do not care about merit.

It’s also to be mentioned that Dr. Agha Ghazanfar has blamed that before him, the entry test papers were being sold for rupees 3 million, the teachers were being appointed on source, the college funds were being stolen and most of all the students were not being selected on merit; thus, killing the merit of the other innocent candidates who burn their midnight oil to prepare for the entry tests.

If these types of hindrances and obstacles continue to be put on the paths of the administrators of the schools and colleges, then its consequences would be a lot more than what they imagine.


Petaro, August 4.