A senior official of the now-defunct Tokyo Olympics organizing committee was arrested in Japan on Wednesday over allegations of corruption.

Haruyuki Takahashi, 78, is suspected of receiving bribes of around 51 million yen ($380,000) from major business suit retailer Aoki Holdings, one of the sponsors of last year’s summer games, Kyodo News reported.

He is believed to have taken bribes “on more than 50 occasions between October 2017 and March this year,” according to a special team of Tokyo District Public Prosecutors.

Takahashi, who was “deemed a quasi-civil servant” when he held the position on the organizing body, has denied any wrongdoing, the report said.

He is accused of helping Hironori Aoki, a former chairman of Aoki Holdings, in getting “preferential treatment in the process of selecting sponsors.”

​​​​​​​Aoki has also been arrested, along with two other people, the report added.