LAHORE - Local Government and Community Development (LGCD) Punjab Secretary Syed Mubasher Hussain here on Tuesday visited Christians cemetery and its surroundings to inspect anti-dengue measures. During his visit to Gora cemetery, he found dengue larvae and directed to conduct anti-dengue spray immediately.

The secretary directed that deputy directors should intensify anti-dengue surveillance and users doing anti-dengue activities should reduce the dormancy rate to zero. He directed all the LGCD directors to launch a comprehensive awareness campaign against dengue in their respective divisions while the deputy directors of local governments in their respective districts should intensify anti-dengue activities and maintain effective communication with the relevant departments for the complete eradication of mosquito. Syed Mubashir further said that collective efforts were needed to curb dengue fever, urging that everyone should play their active role in that regard. He appealed to the public to support the Punjab government and its staff to eradicate the dengue mosquito in their area.