The launching of the first-ever locally manufactured electric car is a significant milestone, not just for Pakistan’s environmental approach but also for uplifting the morale of the country and serving as an inspiring message to the youth. All the components of the car have been developed in Pakistan, by the collective efforts of the Dice Foundation, universities and the private sector, with the design being created by the National College of Arts (NCA).

Two years ago, the government undertook the ambitious goal to ensure that 30 percent of all cars in the country were electric by 2030. This plan was considered unrealistic as vehicles may not be very financially welcoming, especially since most vehicles and their parts are mostly imported. However, it may be possible to abide by this goal if electric cars are locally produced. Switching to the electric system is the right thing to do—the electronic vehicle industry has the potential to contribute significantly to the economy by saving precious foreign exchange, creating thousands of jobs, and also is much more environmentally friendly. Inroads made by electric cars have the potential to be disruptive to the automation industry in a positive way by reducing the industry stranglehold by a few players. Electric vehicles, besides reduction in environmental pollution, would also lessen oil imports and increase business opportunities in the country

However, not only is this a positive development for the environment, but it is also a testament to the talent and grit that is found in our academics and students. It shows us what an asset to the country our intellectuals and academics can prove to be if they are properly supported and facilitated in their work. It is hoped this development will awaken the government to the need to invest in more research and academia.