Islamabad - A new police station ‘Phulgran’ was inaugurated in the capital on Tuesday to provide maximum relief to people and resolve their problems on immediate basis.

Superintendent of Police (City) Nosherwan Ali formally inaugurated the police station which would cover the areas of Athal, Bobri, Phulgran, Chattar, Shakrila, Mera Begwal, Shahpur and PTV colony.

All resources including logistics and police strength have been allocated for the proper functioning of the police station with an aim to provide justice to people at their doorsteps.

According to details, federal government has approved three new police stations in the capital which included Phulgran, Kirpa and Sangjani police stations.

SP (City) Nosherwan Ali formally inaugurated Phulgran police station while station house officers (SHOs) have been appointed at all polices stations for their proper functioning at earliest.

Inspector Shamas ul Akbar has been appointed as SHO Sangjani police station, Sub-Inspector Nasir Mansoor as SHO Phulgran and Sub-Inspector Imran Haider at SHO Kirpa police station.

The strength of Phulgran police station is 21 including two sub-inspectors and five assistant sub-inspectors while SHO and muharrar have been appointed there.

SHO Phulgran police station has been provided vehicle to run the affairs of police station while weapons and ammunition would be provided to cops from the store of Bhara Kahu police station.

There would be equal distribution of under-investigation cases and record between Phulgran and Bhara Kahu police station keeping in view the jurisdictions of both police stations.

There would be one front desk for both police station which is already functional at Bahra Kahu police station.

The purpose of establishing new police stations is to address the citizens’ complaints on immediate basis and ensure effective policing in entire city.

Police said that cooperation of citizens is very much crucial for effective policing and hoped that new police station would ensure high vigilance and success against crime in the area.