Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC), in collaboration with Chenone, will participate in ‘China-Eurasia expo’ to be held in Urumqi China on August 25-30 to showcase Pakistani products and identify new global markets.

CEO of PFC Mian Kashif Ashfaq said that the 6-day expo will provide an opportunity to present a world class range of Pakistani products and all other allied services.

He maintained that it was a platform for import and export mainly with various and flexible pattern of trade.

Ashfaq informed that PFC and Chenone will both hold series of meetings with other multi nationals and exchange their professional expertise with each other for further improving the quality of their products to bolster trade in the field.

He mentioned that a sizeable number of other top Pakistani companies were likely to participate which will help determine market potential and evaluate competition besides initiating joint ventures and project partnership.

Ashfaq urged Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to further manage series of a single country expos in all major countries for the effective and result oriented promotion of Pakistani products which can compete globally with their competitors in terms of its best quality.

He contended that these Pakistani expos will help find out new partnerships to increase the volume of exports and enter into new joint ventures in their areas of interest.