Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1929 when unemployment rates were high, as was poverty. At the same time. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were gaining more popularity and momentum. He was able to channel the German sentiments against the Jews, ultimately forcing Anne’s parent to relocate to Amsterdam. Soon after, in 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and WW2 began. By 1940, Amsterdam was also invaded and won over. This led to the Nazis passing restrictive legislation that involved the Jews wearing the Star of David, closing down their businesses, and forcing them to leave their homes. To escape this persecution, Anne and her family went into hiding in a hidden annex within their home. There she wrote the diary she is known for, detailing every day she spent until she, along with her family, was discovered and sent to concentration camps where all but her father died.

In the long run, the sharpest weapon

of all is a kind and gentle spirit.

–Anne Frank