Naqvi orders effective measures to reduce public rush on token counters for Orange Line train passengers

CM conducts 3.5 hours marathon visit to metro bus,orange line metro train

LAHORE   -  Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Moh­sin Naqvi conducted a 3.5 hours mara­thon visit to the Metro Bus and Orange Line Metro Train on Wednesday. Mohsin Naqvi travelled in the Metro Bus and Or­ange Line Metro Train and inquired from the passengers about travelling facilities. Mohsin Naqvi boarded the Metro Bus from the Kutchery Station. The CM bought his and one of his staff members’ tokens and travelled up to Janazgah Station. Air conditioners of the Metro Bus were out of order and the passengers were in pathetic condition due to severe hot and humid weather. The passengers complained that the air conditioners of Metro Buses are out of order for the last six months. The chief minister directed to ensure early functioning of air conditioners of the Met­ro Buses. Mohsin Naqvi stated that male and female students will travel free on the Metro Bus and Orange Line Train. The CM directed Secretary Transport to put up a summary in this regard. CM Mohsin Naqvi inspected the arrangements and fa­cilities at the Metro Bus and Orange Line Metro Train stations. Mohsin Naqvi in­quired from the passengers about travel­ling facilities in the bus and assured them resolution of their problems at the earli­est. He visited Anarkali Station of Orange Line Metro Train where washrooms were closed, water was not available, token ma­chines were out of order and long queues of passengers were being made. The chief minister expressed his indignation over inadequate facilities being provided at the station. The CM immediately summoned Secretary Transport in this regard. CM Mohsin Naqvi travelled from the Anarkali Station up to Ali Town and checked to­ken machines and other facilities on the stations. There were also long queues of passengers at the Ali Town Station. The passengers made a pile of complaints to the CM. Mohsin Naqvi directed to provide facilities for charging the metro card on­line or through credit card. He talked with the passengers during his journey and inquired from them about travelling fa­cilities. The passengers complained about non-functioning of token machines and shutting down of wash rooms. Mohsin Naqvi travelled from Ali Town to Lakshmi Chowk on his return journey through Or­ange Line Metro Train. Mohsin Naqvi or­dered effective measures to reduce public rush on the token counters for the passen­gers. He directed to increase travelling fa­cilities for the women on the Orange Line Metro Train. Mohsin Naqvi shook hands with the elderly passengers by going to their seats and also inquired travelling facilities from the women. Earlier, the CM visited the Registry Branch of DC Office Lahore where staff members of the Regis­try Branch were not present. CM checked attendance of the staff members and lis­tened to the complaints of citizens pres­ent in the Registry Office. CM expressed his indignation over non-availability of staff members at the Sub-Registrar Data Ganj Bakhsh Town Office. The Sub-Regis­trar reached office after the arrival of CM Mohsin Naqvi. Other staff members also reached office during the visit of CM. Moh­sin Naqvi ordered staff members to strict­ly follow office timings. He talked with the people present in the Registrar office and issued on the spot orders on the public complaints and applications. Mohsin Naq­vi directed to ensure provision of registry documents to the people within 24 hours and ordered the staff members to remain present in the office during office timings under every circumstance.

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