PCB announces first-ever domestic contracts for women cricketers

LAHORE - In a significant development for women’s cricket in Pakistan, a total of 74 talented wom­en cricketers have been awarded 11-month domestic contracts, the first of its kind in women’s cricket. 

Among the 74 players, 59 players belong to emerging and U19 categories, while 14 players have already represent­ed Pakistan women’s team at the senior level. This important advancement is set to provide a substantial boost to the con­fidence of women cricketers, as an action-packed women’s cricket season is all set to re­sume from 1 September. 

These domestic contracts have been conferred upon in­dividuals who have displayed remarkable performances across various cricketing plat­forms, including domestic cricket tournaments, emerg­ing tournaments, U19 domes­tic tournament, and the ICC U19 Women’s World Cup. The players have been selected by the national women’s selec­tion committee led by former Test cricketer Saleem Jaffar, with recommendations from national and academy coaches. The initiative aims not only to acknowledge their hard work and dedication but also elevate the standard of women’s crick­et within the country. 

The decision to offer these contracts underscores the com­mitment of the Pakistan Cricket Board led by the Management Committee Chairperson Zaka Ashraf to foster the growth of women’s cricket, providea vi­able career path, and motivate more women to participate and excel in the sport. This step will have a ripple ef­fect on women’s cricket, en­couraging more players to as­pire to play at the highest level. 

PCB Management Commit­tee Head Zaka Ashraf said: “I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the 74 wom­en cricketers who have earned these contracts through their sheer talent and dedication. Today marks a significant and joyous occasion for the Paki­stan Cricket Board as we take a historic step towards uplifting women’s cricket in our nation. 

“This initiative isn’tjust about signingcontracts,it’s about in­vesting in the dreams and aspi­rations of these extraordinary athletes. Our women cricketers have consistently showcased exceptional skills and dedica­tion on the field, and it is high time we provide them with the platform they deserve. 

“It is our firm belief that em­powering these athletes will not only elevate the standard of our women’s cricket but also inspire a new generation of girls to take up the sport.” 

Head of Women’s Cricket Tania Mallick said: “We are thrilled to announce the award­ing of domestic contracts to 74 of our finest women cricketers. This historic moment not only recognises their extraordinary skills but also aims to instill confidence and determination among our women athletes. As we approach a busy women’s cricket season, we are commit­ted to providing the necessary support and resources to en­sure their success.” 

In addition to the domestic contracts, the PCB has also resumed facilities for women cricketers to train in eight cricket academies across the country, seven of which are operational. The operational academies include National Cricket Academy in Lahore, Hanif Mohammad High Per­formance Centre in Karachi, Inzamam-ul-Haq High Perfor­mance Centre in Multan, Qa­yyum Stadium in Peshawar, Abbottabad Cricket Stadium in Abbottabad, Bugti Stadium in Quetta and Women’s Sports Stadium in Bahawalpur. 

The players, whobeen of­fered domestic contracts, will not be a part of the women’s central contracts 2023-24, which will be announced in due course. The players in the domestic contracts, in addition to receiving monthly retainers, will also receive match fee, daily allowance, and a share in prize money.

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