Cops arrested after inmate escapes from Islamabad court

Police in Islamabad have arrested cops posted at Bakshi Khana, temporary lockups at courts, in F-8 Katchery after an inmate was able to flee from there on Thursday morning.

According to a spokesman for Islamabad police, the incident occurred at the Bakshi Khana at F-8 Katchery when an inmate brought from Adiala prison for a court hearing was found missing.

“He was able to flee from the court,” he said and added that a case has been registered against the cops posted there for their negligence and were later arrested.

The spokesman said that the suspect would soon be apprehended.

In another story related to negligence of cops inside temporary lockups in courts, recently startling revelations have emerged regarding the provision of drugs to the inmates from a Lahore prison inside ‘Bakshi Khana’.

The details have emerged following an alert issued from the home ministry Punjab to Lahore police and prison department, which highlighted that prisoners were found intoxicated on December 08 after their return to the Camp Jail from a court hearing.

“15 prisoners were found intoxicated on their return from a court hearing,” the handout issued from the jail superintendent said while directing police to take action against guard in charges at the temporary lockups in the courts.

It further highlighted that most of the prisoners are found intoxicated on their return to the prison while pointing out that inmates easily acquire drugs from the canteen at the ‘Bakshi Khanas’.

The letter further shared that some of the families are also involved in providing drugs to the inmates.

“The police should take stern action to cleanse these lockups from such activities,” it said as the home department has also directed the CCPO Lahore to take necessary measures in this regard.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt