LAHORE - The semifinals of the Brighto Paints Lahore Open Polo Championship 2021 will be contested today (Friday) here at the Lahore Polo Club (LPC) ground. According to LPC Secretary Agha Murtaza Ali Khan, the first semifinal of the day will be played between HN Polo and Remounts at 1:30 pm. HN Polo team consists of Haider Naseem, Shah Shamyl Alam, Lt Col Omer Minhas and Raja Sami Ulla while Remounts team comprises of Swr (R) Naeem, ALD (R) Imran Shahid, Raja Temur Nadeem and Nicolas. The second semifinal of the day will be contested between Barry’s/BN 2 and Rijas Development/Master Paints at 2:30 pm. Barry’s/BN 2 team includes Leenah Barry, Babar Naseem, Hamza Mawaz Khan and Ernesto Trotz while Rijas Development/Master Paints team has Mohib Shahzad, Sufi Muhammad Amir, Mumtaz Abbas Niazi and Mannuel Carranza.” Agha Murtaza also thanked Brighto Paints for sponsoring this prestigious tournament and hoped that they will continue to support the games of kings and knights.