Climate Change - Our Responsibility

Some of the environmental problems around the world are naturally occurring due to climate change but the anti-nature action of humans is causing more problems due to which the natural environment of the planet is gradually deteriorating but the people living on this planet are not paying any attention. In this regard, environmental experts, geologists have been warning about the impending dangers, saying and writing a great deal and expressing their concerns but this aspect was not being given serious attention. However, when natural disasters became more common as an impact of climate change, international organisations became more aware of their responsibilities and everyone began planning and taking preventive measures, yet many countries are still unable to combat climate change disasters due to lack of resources.
It is gratifying that the climate change conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates managed by the United Nations has established a special fund of 575 million dollars to assist Pakistan and other countries affected by natural disasters. Through this global fund administered by the World Bank, the destruction and damage caused by climate-related natural disasters in countries affected by global average temperature rise will be resolved, as developed countries continue to escalate carbon emissions and due to increasing such emissions, other developing countries including Pakistan were suffering a lot from natural calamities instigated by the rise in temperature for the past several years but all these countries were unable to do anything even if they desired to.
It has been the tragedy of the developing countries around the world that they have to make many sacrifices for the developed world, but the developed countries do not considerate these sacrifices, nor are any measures taken to compensate for these sacrifices whilst restrictions are imposed on them. Even though the massive use of fossil fuels in developed countries is raising global warming, causing water scarcity and declining agricultural production in large parts of the world. Incidents of forest fires are increasing, besides the melting of glaciers and rise in sea level also increasing the possibility of large populations drowning in water, instead developed countries are not doing as much as they should for developing countries to overcome their shortcomings.
Because of which the process of climate change is accelerating in the world, it is posing serious consequences for Pakistan as well, every person has witnessed a glimpse of climate change in the form of floods caused by torrential rains last year. According to a World Bank report, more than 1,700 people died in total and over 15 billion dollars were lost due to the destruction of infrastructure and private property across the country. The developed countries were not given the way Pakistan should have been supported in this adversity, Pakistan is still rehabilitating its natural disaster victims with its own limited resources.
It is a good perspective that the world’s largest global gathering “COP 28” has been organised to assess the effects of climate change and take action to address them. More than 100 heads of state from all over the world, including King Charles III of Great Britain, were also attended by 97,000 delegates. In this two-week conference, where the determination to reduce the emission of gases that harm the natural environment was expressed, funds have also been announced for countries affected by natural disasters. In this regard, the European Union has given $ 275 million, the United Arab Emirates $ 100 million, the United States $ 17.5 million, Japan $ 10 million, Germany $ 10 million and other 100 member states have announced a collective commitment of more than $100 million, marking an important milestone in the journey to save the world from climate change.
Developed countries are announcing aid for developing countries affected by climate change, but these countries should use this aid only for the purpose for which it is being granted. Aid donors from Pakistan have always complained that it is not being used properly, people also doubt where foreign aid goes, it is not spent on the general public but this time it should not be the case. Because the challenge of climate change cannot be ignored, nor can it be ignored any longer. There is a need to be proactive and aware to deal with climate catastrophes. For this, where practical steps have to be taken at the level of the federal and provincial governments to the local governments, there is also a need to make it a part of the curriculum in educational institutions, so that our new generation can also be prepared to understand and cope with climate change. We don’t have much spare time. We should start as soon as possible because realising our responsibilities is the need of the hour rather than wasting time and only by this will the challenges faced be overcome.

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