It is tragic for bereaved family of the three Muslim students, who were shot by a white neighbour in USA, about 2,000 people attended a candlelight vigil for the victims in the heart of UNC’s campus. No eye was dry, it was indeed an emotional farewell. They were killed by a self-proclaimed gun toting atheist, Craig Stephen Hick. As per police the untoward incident took place due to a long-simmering dispute over a parking space. But, what has made this insane atheist so crazy that he could kill three innocent people. To me this is a hate-crime.

Unfortunately the westerners are now treating Muslims the same way German’s treated the Jews, during the Second World War. No matter how much Muslims exhibit plurality, secularism and value humanity it seems futile, because by birth being Muslim is a crime. One has to analyse if this is due to too much media hype created against Muslims and all of them dubbed with the same brush. Every Muslim belongs to Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram or now IS. America needs to review it media propaganda against Muslims or we may see more of such incidents.


Hyderabad, February 14.