LAHORE - Young Doctors Association Punjab on Monday went on strike at OPDs of major hospitals in the province to protest against attacks on doctors, causing huge inconvenience to visiting patients and their families.

Strike of young doctors at OPDs also affected service delivery at indoors and admission of new patients besides causing cancellation of hundreds of scheduled surgeries. The strike caused patients to go to emergency for treatment, increasing burden on already overloaded departments of all the major hospitals. YDA Punjab has vowed to continue strike at OPDs at 11 am to press for the demand of making proper security arrangements at public sector hospitals.

Meanwhile, medics bodies including Pakistan Medical Association and General Cadre Doctors Association convened emergent meetings to devise future strategy in the wake of target killing and life threats to doctors.

The participants of the meeting chaired by PMA President Dr Ashraf Nizami condemned brutal murder of Neurosurgeon Dr Sami Ullah Ch and attempt to murder on PIMs Cardiologist Dr Shahid Nawaz. They said that doctor’s community was insecure which was not acceptable. They expressed concerns over inability of law enforcement agencies in arresting the culprits.

GCDA also condemned target killing of doctors, saying that the government has miserably failed to provide security to doctors and their families. They demanded improving security at hospitals and arrest of culprits.