KARACHI - The main public prosecutor in the Baldia Town factory fire case, Shazia Hanjra, on Monday announced that she was withdrawing her name from the trial.

According to media reports, Hanjra has already sent her resignation to the Sindh government due to lack of security.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, she maintained that she did not have the support of the investigating officer and could not continue the case further. She went on to say that the case has been tampered intentionally and facts need to be revealed.

Shazia further said that she did not even receive copies of witness statements and after two and a half years, it has been revealed that witnesses now number up to 950. She had been assigned as Special Public Prosecutor to the case by the Sindh government since the start of the hearings in 2013. On February 10, the Sindh High Court observed that the concerned trial court would make a decision pertaining to the Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) report of the factory inferno.


Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman has demanded free and transparent trial of Baldia factory inferno case in Islamabad High Court (IHC) or Lahore High Court (LHC).

In a statement issued here on Monday, he further demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Karachiites want solid and cohesive action against the criminals regardless of any political affiliation for the restoration of lasting peace in Karachi. “The lasting peace could not be restored in Karachi without effective measures by the government against the terrorists’ outfits,” he added.

JI Karachi chief regretted that PM Nawaz Sharif, in his visit to Karachi, did not meet with the affected families of Baldia factory inferno, Dr Shakeel Auj and Prof Sibte Jaffar, who were gunned down by the terrorists in broad daylight here. He further said the JIT report on Baldia factory inferno had unveiled the real faces behind this tragic incident. He termed the incident “the blackest incident” in the history of country.

Naeem further said the deteriorated law and order situation of the city had refrained the courts from its independent verdicts. Prosecutor general Shazia Hinjera of Baldia Factory inferno has also tendered her resignation due to prevailing law and order situation.


Sindh Home department on Monday established Provincial Action Plan Cell (PAPC) to help out in communication and support between the sub-committees and other concerned stakeholders over its implementation.

The cell will comprise the home department officials including Law Enforcement additional secretary, law enforcement deputy secretary, law enforcement section officer and anti-terrorist courts additional registrar. The terms and reference of the cell are communication and supporting hub for apex committee, sub-committees and all the stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Provincial Action Plan, to monitor the implementation of the apex committee decisions and to prepare report, working paper for submission to the provincial government and apex committee.

Meanwhile, the Home Department has modified the nomenclature of Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police to “Counter Terrorism Department” (CID), with immediate effect.