This is with reference to Mr. Amjad Javed’s letter titled ‘Pensioners’ plight’ about mismanagement in National Bank branches in Rawalpindi Cantonment. I, as a pensioner, have been physically drawing my pension from these branches and would always prefer to go to the bank around 10th or 12th of the month in order to face less people. As per an option provided by Controller Military Accounts (Officers’ Pension), I opened a new pension account in a bank of my choice near where I live, and started getting pension directly into my account. I can withdraw this by an ATM card. I would suggest to the central and provincial governments to strictly enforce the payment of all pensions through E-banking by giving a cut-off date, just like enforcement of the biometric verification of SIMS. This would ease the pressure off from the banks, especially National Bank branches, improve their operation and be a comfortable option for the elderly and frail pensioners.


Rawalpindi, February 15.