PESHAWAR - The increasing demand of food for growing population makes the rabbit farming to be a potential Micro Livestock business.

The required small space, less food, and rapid growth are the special aspects of rabbit farming.  Focusing on these advantages, the SMEDA and Agriculture University Peshawar started joint activities to create awareness about the PARC-ALP funded pilot project on the subject. This pilot project can become a role model for farmers’ replication and investment.

As a first step of joint efforts between the mentioned two organisations, a one day training programme on rabbit farming was organised for the farmers of KP. The objective of the programme was to build the capacity of SMEs on rabbit farm management and marketing. The participants were provided information about various breeds, commencement, and management of the farm.

They were informed that on one hand the rabbit meat contains high ratio of protein, energy, calcium and vitamin than other species of animal while on the other hand the cholesterol and sodium are also less than other meat. With a low quality food, the rabbits give high quality of meat and a source of good income. At the end of the training program, Vice Chancellor of the Agriculture University, Peshawar Zahoor Ahmed Swati distributed certificates among the participants. Swati appreciated the efforts of the Poultry Science Department and the SMEDA.