Ashley Benson finds being intimate on camera ‘nerve-wracking’. The Pretty Little Liars actress starred in 2012’s Spring Breakers which featured a lot of sex, violence and consumption of illegal substances. The 25-year-old can still recall what it was like pretending to inhale cocaine, and even though it wasn’t the real deal, it was still an unpleasant experience. ‘It was awful when we had to snort ‘coke’ in the movie... we had to crush up B12 vitamins, and it just hurt my nose,’ she recalled to FHM magazine. ‘I was like ‘my nose is bleeding, I don’t feel good, but these are just vitamins, I can’t imagine doing the real thing!’‘ Ashley co-starred with James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens in the neo-noir crime drama.

The blonde beauty was required to spend the majority of the shoot in a bikini, and despite her gorgeous figure, she actually found it very difficult.

‘That was the hardest part, I was like ‘F**k, I’m literally in a bathing suit the whole movie!’‘ she added. ‘So I worked out really hard before I went and shot it and then Harmony [Korine, director] was like, ‘You guys need to look like you drink beer every day, you don’t work out, you eat fast food every day, don’t look good.’ So then I had to undo all my hard work!’ As well as pretending to take drugs, Ashley had to simulate a threesome with her co-stars. And while she was anxious about the scene, it helped to have Vanessa with her. ‘Any time you’re intimate on camera it’s nerve-racking, but it was a closed set so nobody else was there,’ she said. ‘I was really glad I had Vanessa by my side because we became best friends.’