It seems that our government is always looking for opportunities to give short-shrift to pensioners. In 2010, through a new pension rule number 16(E), they were robbed of the right of restoration of their commuted part of pension and through 16(F), their right of reinstatement of all accumulated increments and allowances was abolished. This year, through a partial compliance of Supreme Court order, the 16(E) has been abolished, but the morbid (16F) continues to operate. Moreover, the precipitant 50% increase, in serving personnel’s salaries, granted in 2010 has yet to be extended to the pensioners and they are still being kept on the usual meagre10% annual increases.

The government of Pakistan is requested to allow all these basic human rights to their pensioners and abolish the poisonous section 16F and to enhance their pensions by 50%, in this year’s budget, which should be applicable on gross pension and not just on net pension as is the case now. It is high time our governments really started treating the elderly pensioners, as the weaker section of the society, and stopped considering them as outcasts of the community and give them back their rightful benefits. I also request all the present policy-maker bureaucracy not to ridicule my above ideas because one day, soon enough, they are also going to join these pensioners’ queues.


Muzaffargarh, February 13.