LAHORE - Over a dozen candidates of Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination have held protest demonstration outside Examination Center of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) against the invigilators of CSS exams who refused the latecomers to join in.

The candidates were chanting slogans against the examination system and they also blocked the road as protest. Some of candidates, especially female and those who have last chance for appearance in CSS exams were also crying and shouting while protesting.

Most of them were seeming grieved over refusal from the invigilators and were blaming the examination system and policy makers saying “Whether it is part of discipline, faulty examination system which is not providing any relaxation on reaching late in examination halls or government’s mismanaged regarding ongoing development schemes which are causing huge troubles for the citizens especially for the students who usually reach late their institutions even in examination halls and this all is because of huge traffic mess especially on peak traffic hours.”

Talking to media, the protesters said that they were stuck in traffic mess due to poor traffic controlling system of the city and closure of a number of major roads on the name of development and that caused huge traffic jam in the city.

All of them were late 10 to 15 minutes and when they tried to enter into the examination hall the invigilators refused to allow them to appear in the paper despite the requests of the candidates who told them reasons and causes behind their late arrival.