Islamabad - Roots Millennium Schools’ One World Campus, E-11/4, conducted a technology orientation session for both the teachers and students here on Monday. RMS information & communication technology has tremendous potential to contribute to knowledge dissemination, effective learning and the development of more efficient education services.

Today’s teachers at RMS are prepared to provide technology-supported learning opportunities to their students in order to deliver the skills required by the modern knowledge economy.

 Application and digital technologies enhancement in education has always been placed as top priority by the Millennium Schools.

In these technology orientation sessions, students were briefed in detail that the process of digital technologies utilization in education may lead to the country’s education reform and revamp in near future to transform the Pakistani citizen into knowledge society and a developed country.

The RMS’s initiative in constructing, supplying and commissioning of ICT laboratory in all schools throughout the country and sponsoring e-learning portal and platforms that will enable students and teachers in the country to access and acquire knowledge.

At RMS, within the web-enabled environment, individuals can access learning materials, courses, individual topics and performance support resources at any time, from anywhere centralized centers of  office, at home or while travelling. Standard web browsers offer a consistent and seamless user interface across a wide variety of workstation platforms and networks.  

At RMS, digital learning puts students in a position to retrieve information, to take a look at learning programs whenever they wish, to amend and to manipulate teaching texts, to try out something new and to reverse incorrect decisions. As we advance further into the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more integrated into our society. RMS supports innovative teaching, learning and believes that technology in the classroom is not the end goal, enhanced learning & teaching everywhere is the goal. RMS have Interactive Whiteboards; Computer on Wheels (COW), Windows Based Tablets and Laptops for teachers and learners in each school. MELT (Millennial Enhanced Learning and Teaching) initiative is taken by RMS to promote 21st century teaching skills.