S:     Ameen, really now, where is your outrage at the local media for not really covering Shia killings, after all your big-talk of the US media not paying attention to the Chapel Hill shootings? Everybody really needs to get off their high horse. Over sixty people died in Peshawar, because of a hate crime, and all people can do is post on Facebook that the US media is two-faced. We are a two faced nation. No wait, we shot ourself in the other face!

A:     You are preaching to the choir here. I agree with you. So many people die across the world, from the Boko Haram killing Christians in Nigeria, to race crime in Ferguson. I think that it should all be covered by the media, and the media should be neutral.

S:     You say that now, but how many times have you seen the attack on the Shia imambargah come up on your Facebook feed versus the innocent three shot in the USA? You and I both know that the media is a reflection of public opinion.

A:     I get the point you are making, but these are two separate cases. Just because we as a nation are a callous bunch, doesn’t mean that what is happening in the US is okay. Wherever it is, it’s a human life that is lost.

S:     You’re only saying that because it is Muslim lives that matter most to you. The more similar a person is to us, the more we sympathise. You never said anything like that when those journalists were killed in Paris. If all lives matter, and all cases are important, then humanism is a universal value. Do you believe that?

A:     Yes, I do, but….

S:     I knew there was a ‘but’ coming.

A:     Let me finish. But… I feel that those who are persecuted, who are harassed, who have been dealt a raw deal, deserve a little extra compassion.

S:     I do too. So why aren’t we helping to rehabilitate the image of Ahmadis? Why aren’t we trying to protect our Shia brothers? Why are Sikhs leaving Peshawar? Why am I scared to say these things in public?