A certain trend that was developing early in the World Cup has been broken by the Irish team yesterday. Every team that has batted first in this tournament up till now has managed to touch the 300 mark. Before the emergence of T20 cricket 300 was a target that was very seldom achieved, but when it was, it guaranteed a win. Now it feels like the 300 landmark has to be achieved in order to create a chance to win. It does not guarantee a win anymore. This is what happened to the West Indian team yesterday. Following the winning formula, they managed to bat first and put on a score that would assure them a win but the Irish team had a different plan. They successfully and quite easily chased the target leaving the West Indian team quite distraught. Ireland has provided the first upset of the World Cup. This however, this is not a first for the Irish team. In 2007, they shockingly won against Pakistan in the World Cup. In 2011, they chased down an enormous target to defeat England. And now in 2015, they have started their campaign by crushing the two time World Cup champion, West Indies. They are an exciting team and I am eagerly waiting to see how they progress in this tournament. This might not be the only upset of the World Cup by them. They are the dark horse of this tournament and one should not underestimate them.

–Shaan Tahir