Sufis’ teachings


Syed Ahmad Suqlain Haider

“If any would lay thorns in your way, do not lay thorns in his way because if you tended to lay thorns in his way, then the whole valley will be filled with thorns.” These words was uttered by such a personality who passed away from this word 700 hundred years ago but even ,today, he is reigning on the hearts of the people and people feel honour and proud to attend his tomb, and whose name is Seydna Nazam-ud-Din Aulia. His lap always remained open and he was always ready to serve the humanity.

Once upon a time he was talking with people under the shadow of a tree while there were many people sitting under the shadow of the tree. As the audiences increased, some people managed to sit in under the shining sun. When he saw this scene, he stood up and asked the people sitting under shining sun to come close to him so that those people might sit under the shadow who were expected to come late  because he was  poised to feel heat as they were feeling heat of the sun.

The presence of Sufia Karam in the world remained as a shadowed tree and when they departed from this world, their body eventually made the atmosphere fragrant. They did not ask any visitor about his family, religion. Moreover, they did not even distinguished him on the basis of his colour , poorness or richness, they indiscriminately spread and distributed light and love. They did not throw away the people from them but they tended to make the people close to them, they did not tended to divide the people but they tried their best to unite the people, they always taught unity among the people. The tomb of Hazrat Baba Farid, who passed away 800 hundred years ago, is always surrounded by many a people even today day and night and during summer and winter. Once upon a time, when a visitor presented him a pair of scissors, he with great love and kindness, asked him to bring needle the other day for him if he wanted to please him. As he went away, his servant asked the reason.  Replying, he said that he did not like the function of pair of scissors and its function was not according to his attitude  and teachings while the function of needle was according to his attitude because the function of the needle was to join the things indiscriminately. The very sayings of him fully express the attitude of the Sufi who does not divide but join the things.

In the whole universe, there was no any Sufi, who injured the feelings of  any body by his hand and tongue. Who does not know about Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Roomi , according to him “there are so many ways to access Rab but his  way  to access the Rab was to love the human being. He further says “on the day the people knew that the love of human beings brings him close to Rab, on the very day, there will be peace all over the world.” Even Sufis did not harm any ant irrespective of human beings. More over there would be no any book of Tasawaff  completed if the name of Hazrat Abubakar Shibli would not be included in the history of Tasawaff. Once upon a time, he purchased a bag full of wheat and brought it to his home, at the time he saw an ant running here and there which came from the very bag of wheat. He  became worrisome, took it and after covering a lot of distance, brought the ant at the spot from where he bought the bag of wheat. The very ordinary incident expresses the full expression and attitude of Tasawaff.

Today, everybody in the world, wants a peaceful life and he wants from the people to mention him as a good person, and mention his name in good words every after his death. To achieve this, there is best method to act upon the teachings of Sufia, according to which, personal peace can be achieved only through facilitating the human beings in their personal lives, this is the only wealth which does not finish but it increases always. Moreover, the hearts cannot be won through hatred, envy, discrimination and bigotry. There is no way to make a human friend through cruelty and there is no way to convince any body in the same way. The bigotry and discrimination is the very thorns which tear the garb while love, humanity, compassion, well being and peace, are the very flowers which make the whole atmosphere aromatic. Sufi is the very person which has enlightened heart and having this quality, every person will see every face enlightened and the very person whose heart is full of darkness, will always see the face of every person dark.

Sheikh Sharaf-ud-Din says “ a Sufi is like a sun whose kindness and love spread every where and on everybody including friend and enemy, he does not quarrel with any body, he responds with kindness against rudeness, and all great people adopt the same attitude.

In the basic and preliminary books (Mother books) written about Tasawaff 1000 years ago, Syedna Ali Hajveery says “Tasawaff is definitely the name of ethics and good manners.  If the human wants to have peace of mind and heart, he has to give pleasure to every person living in the universe.

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