On Sunday, minister for Information Shibli Faraz replied to allegations against the PTI in the foreign funding case.

The minister spoke about Pakistan Democratic Movement, the 11-party Opposition alliance which is due to stage a protest outside the Election Commission of Pakistan on January 19, and said that it is a "sorry attempt by them to attempt to repeat a pack of lies so much that it starts to seem like the truth".

The PTI had provided all the details of the donations received by "party workers and sympathisers" during the 2018 election campaign. He then proceeded to state that these entries are 40,000 in number with names, addresses, telephone numbers, ID card numbers all notorised and authenticated. The minster said that all transactions came "through proper banking channels and were deposited into banking channels." Faraz noted that under the orders of the Supreme Court, and as has been the practice after the election symbol is given to a party, it is bound to provide accounts for the past 5 years.

He said "we have done (our due diligence) but now the matter has fallen to them (Opposition) to provide proof of their funding PPP, PML-N and Maulana Fazlur Rehman and the big expenses they make with the help of vested interest groups.

The Opposition has demanded that facts in the case be made public by the Election Commission of Pakistan. "The drama they have staged, [it must be realised], this is not about PTI, it is about all of us. And we have provided an authenticated. "Now it is their duty to come tomorrow, instead of the day after and tell the people whether it is really us who are thieves who have provided all proof," the minister said.

He said that after the Opposition parties' performance over the last two-three months, the Pakistan Democratic Movement is "a thing of the past, they must submit their record to the scrutiny committee instead of hiding behind rallies," said Faraz.