High hopes from CJP to restore reputation of judiciary: Kh Hoti

MARDAN  -  Former federal minister and Pakistan Peoples’ Party leader, Nawabzada Kha­waja Muhammad Khan Hoti, voiced disappointment with the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Paki­stan, expressing diminished hopes for the restoration of the judiciary’s repu­tation. Hoti, during a news conference at Mardan Press Club, criticized the current Supreme Court’s controversial decisions and the restriction on law­yers speaking in court.

He questioned the suitability of the current situation for elections, noting the lack of substantive demand for lead­ers’ manifestos from the public, con­tributing to the overall deterioration. Hoti emphasized the necessity for po­litical parties to answer questions and cautioned against excluding major par­ties from the electoral process, predict­ing a short-lived government if formed.

Despite being a democratic advocate, Hoti announced his decision not to par­ticipate in the upcoming elections, fear­ing it would contradict his democratic principles. He warned of potential in­flation storms under a political govern­ment, citing the stable dollar as a result of the government’s strong approach.

Hoti viewed elections as an illusion, deeming them a gift of inflation for the people. He argued for the impor­tance of accountability preceding elec­tions and expressed concern that the current situation, marked by political speeches and applauding workers, re­flected a significant mistake by politi­cal workers.

Looking ahead to the general elec­tion, Hoti highlighted prevailing un­certainty, exacerbated by the govern­ment’s acknowledgement of danger and the issuance of terror alerts. He questioned the government’s decision to proceed with elections despite being aware of the situation, expressing con­cerns about potential consequences for the country.

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