“American” designs and Pakistan

In the year 2006 the Carnegie Institute for International Peace, which in reality is the Carnegie Institute for worldwide bloodshed, identified Baluchistan as an area of interest for the US in subverting Pakistan. This subversion is part of the agenda for global domination. The geostrategic location of Balochistan, the China factor, its coastline overlooking the Gulf, its borders with Iran and Afghanistan and its rich mineral deposits make it a high value target for this clique.
It was also in 2006 that Col Ralph Peters published the infamous article “Blood Borders”, which envisages redrawing maps of countries in the Middle-East according to the oil and gas content of various regions, in the US Armed Forces Journal.  The map also truncates Pakistan and depicts a “Greater Balochistan”. The map was then “leaked” to gain Western public acceptability to the fact that those who control US and Britain have made up their mind to achieve the bloody plan spelled out in the article. According to Prof. Chossudovsky the content of this article was then included in courses being taught at US military academies such as the West Point Academy. Why?
The shameless and naked content of the Ralph Peters article apart, the “Government” of the United States of America and its “allies” have indulged in every possible violation of international law in attacking Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. In their shameful and illegal actions they have been aided and abetted by the most brazen propaganda, based on utter lies, to destroy resource rich Muslim nations that have a military potential. CNN, BBC, Fox News, could in any genuine court of law each of these channels, be convicted for lying, deceiving and mixing fact with fiction. 
The war hysteria is impoverishing the American public where nine million homes have been foreclosed and tens of millions have been forced to live in tent cities and streets. The CNN, Fox News, BBC, etc that are pouring out lies about our countries 24 hours a day every day of the week, are utterly silent about this plight of US citizens who have been rendered homeless.  Why is this absolutely devastating fact unreported by these champions of democracy and truth? Where is their integrity, their character? Why are the CNN and BBC and Fox News and their likes silent about the utterly despotic laws and Executive Orders of the Obama regime which have undone the Magna Carta and the writ of habeus corpus? Why are they not broadcasting  the undeniable fact that the US is now a police state? Why are they not stating that Britain today has over 4.8 million CCTV cameras, one for every dozen or so individuals.  An average person is viewed 340 times a day on CCTV in UK.
It is a cornerstone of “American” policy that military and financial power must not be allowed to exist in any Muslim country at the same time. A rich Muslim country must be kept militarily weak and if any Muslim country has acquired military power it must be bankrupted. In Pakistan’s case this policy is implemented with the collusion of its leaders and a mafia that controls transfers and postings in all Federal Ministries. The debt burden of the country appears to have been enhanced as a deliberate tactic, with the connivance of politicians, bureaucrats and others, to render Pakistan weak and vulnerable. Everything that is being done by the “Americans” has only one aim – to prevent the emergence of any rival global power. This rival power, or a constellation of rival powers, can only arise from the Eurasian continent. Therefore the US must disrupt and occupy central Asia, capture all global energy resources and routes through which this energy may be transported and deny energy resources to its real or imagined adversaries.
The US Embassy in Islamabad and the US Consulate in Karachi are being transformed into fortresses from where violence against this country will be directed and carried out.  Have we forgotten Raymond Davis or whatever his real name was? The three gigantic Centaurus towers being built in Islamabad by  foreign companies, employ three huge cranes. The construction in the US embassy compound in Islamabad is being carried out with the help of five such cranes. What are the Americans building? In Karachi the US Consulate, being built close to the sea by a foreign company, is large enough to house a full military battalion. Why? By acquiescing to allow supplies to Nato forces in Afghanistan, the Government of Pakistan may have signed its death warrant. The tanks that are being sent ostensibly to Afghanistan will be used against Pakistan through US, British, Israeli  and Indian personnel and their proxies. Many of the containers carrying weapons never reach Afghanistan – a huge number disappears in Pakistan. No wonder “insurgents” in Balochistan are armed with modern weaponry. Pakistan must not supply oxygen to those who are determined to break it because of its military and economic potential, because it is a nuclear power with close ties to China and because Islam bans usury.
Treacherous pieces against Pakistan are broadcast to the world by BBC and CNN and others while hiding the fact that the US and its “allies” are busy destabilizing Pakistan. The very same “insurgents” and the very same “terrorists” whose violence is used as a pretext for interference by the US and its allies are created and supported by them. The “think tanks”, each of which is funded by the bankers and their corporations, and each of which is infested by conscienceless and characterless “thinkers”, who invent the most specious arguments to turn fiction into fact, are designed to engineer consent in favour of illegal wars. The lives of these “thinkers” and “writers” are devoted to poisoning the minds of the good people of US and other countries for a few dollars that are doled out to them as salary or as consultancy fees. To think up lies, to craft lies, to promote lies, to live a life based on lies is the be all and end all of these “writers” and “thinkers” whose so called views adorn the Western media.  While the public in this country is wide awake the same cannot be said of its leadership.
    The writer is the vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab.
    Email: kamran_m51@yahoo.com
    Website: www.mujahidkamran.com

Mujahid Kamran

The writer is the vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab.

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