It is surprising that no political part seriously talks about Kalabagh Dam and treats this life giving project as a taboo word. PPP takes pride in burying the project. ANP and PML-N are in cahoots to avoid supporting it. MQM is gung-ho about it as also PTI. Hopes are pinned only in IPPs and RPPs which cannot be supplied with imported oil at a high price with the result that circular debt piles up and these units cannot be operated at full capacity. However, this expensive proposition started in the past by PPP is too expensive and power generated is not affordable by the masses. KBD is kept in the limbo while the nation is given news about small dams to be built by China. The PPP President goes to China and marvels at the Three Gorges Dam of China producing 18600 MW of power and provides irrigation water to 30 percent crops of China in addition to control the endemic floods of China thus saving thousands of human lives each year.

The only remedy of our economic ills is KBD to free us of IMF loans by providing $ 6 billion worth of power and agricultural products yearly but no political party is ready to lift this heavy stone.

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti,

Lahore, July 14.