PESHAWAR - In order to ensure provision of potable water and protect the tribal communities from waterborne diseases, the political administration has completed five drinking water schemes in various villages of Bajaur Agency that would benefit thousands of dwellers in the agency.

A press release issued by FATA secretariat on Monday stated that on special directives of Political Agent Jabbar Shah, a drinking water scheme has been completed in Lugharai village of Tehsil Mamund. About 92 meters deep boring was completed while six distribution tanks, pump house and main storage tanks were also constructed. The administration has installed 50KVA transformer, submersible machine and extended 2287 meters pipeline for water. To ensure provision of clean drinking water to the residents of Qalagan village of Charmang valley, three storage tanks and one pump house rehabilitated besides installation of submersible machine and 50KVA transformer.  The authorities have also completed a gravity based drinking water scheme in Kitkot village of Tehsil Mamund where about 1997 meters long pipeline were laid and ten water tanks were constructed. Likewise, fourteen water tanks were constructed and 6110 meters long distribution pipeline was installed in Loe Kharkai area of Mamund Tehsil to rehabilitate the damaged water supply scheme. Similarly, rehabilitation of water supply scheme in Badan village was also completed where 21 storage and distribution tanks were constructed and 9483 meters pipeline installed in the village. With the accomplishment of these water supply schemes not only more than 23000 community members would have access to potable water, but it would also prove helpful in preventing water borne diseases.