LAHORE - All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has sought exemption of loadshedding from government to mills on independent feeders in a bid to save workers from redundancy and industry’s viability from erosion.The spokesman of APTMA further said the productivity, viability and sustainability of textile industry can only be ensured if it operates for 365 days a year. However, achieving this ideal situation is becoming difficult due to energy shortage, particularly with the withdrawal of exemption from load shedding to textile mills on independent feeders.The textile mills on independent feeders are facing six hours a day load shedding, ultimately closing down one shift production and laying off workers. According to spokesman, total consumption of textile mills on independent feeders is not more than 1500MW. The six hours a day supply cut off means slicing 375MW in one go, costing industry heavily. Not only jobs but the industry is also losing production, and ultimately the exports, he added.APTMA spokesman said the textile mills on independent feeders are exempted from load shedding as a policy by the government before May 2012, contributing to the industrial production, employment and exports of the country. However, recent withdrawal of exemption from load shedding has put the upside down and textile mills on independent feeders are suffering heavily at present.He further pointed out that the industry supplies on independent feeders carry zero line losses with 100pc recovery in LESCO GEPCO, FESCO, and IESCO regions. He further said it is not understandable for industry as why the government was adamant to job losses of textile workers for a meagre quantity of 375MW electricity in a situation when the holy month of Ramazan is on the anvil. He said APTMA is further justified in its demand when the energy shortage is quite manageable as present shortage is not more than 2500MW.He has expressed the hope that Minister for Water and Power will direct the concerned authorities to exempt textile industry from load shedding immediately to save industry, jobs and exports of the country in a highly challenging time.