Dadu family attempts self-immolation

ISLAMABAD - A 20-member family hailing from district Dadu on Monday attempted to commit suicide in front of the National Press Club allegedly against the elders of their area on a property dispute. One person got critical injuries while three women got fainted during this attempt.
According to details, Dad Hussain and his family hailing from district Dadu, Sindh, have been protesting in front of the NPC for the last seven months allegedly against the injustice done by their area elders over a property dispute. However, on Monday this ill-fated family lost hope to get justice from the government and attempted to commit suicide.
They sprinkled kerosene oil on their bodies to commit suicide, however, the policemen, media persons and local people present on the site barred from doing this. Some of them also drank high speed diesel oil. Meanwhile, three woman who were fainted due to drinking petrol were identified as Pari, Hawa and Amrada. The victims were rushed to the CDA Hospital CDA for treatment.
Three others men members of the family  were seized by police and they shifted to the Kohsar police station. The family demanded to the chief justice of Pakistan Muhammad Iftihar Chaudhry to open the case and do justice with them. The family also demanded to set free their occupied land from the elders of the area. They also demanded to give price of crops of last 5 years and also to provide security.
The family belonging to Dadu had come to Islamabad in January last and held a protest camp in front of the National Press Club to seek justice. Their dispute with Liaqat Hussain, the elder of the area, who had allegedly capture their land and houses.

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