ISLAMABAD  – Deserving employees of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House (KPK House), located in Islamabad, have been deprived of residential flats constructed specifically for them due to the favouritism rendered by authorities.Junior employees of the KPK House have been allotted the flats on special recommendations of the high-ups, however, about 14 senior workers who offered life-long services to the department, in some cases covering a span of more than 20 years, have been given no flats. On the other hand, those who have been given flats have served for less than 10 years. Sources told this agency that the proceedings resulted due to favouritism and political pressure. Consequently, the seniors, including telephone operators, receptionists and lower staff, have no option other than hiring rented residences for their families.The unjustified allotment of flats is adding to the economic problems of the affected employees as a big part of their income is being spent on paying off the living rent. The sources told this agency that Secretary Administration, Hifz-ur-Rehman is responsible for allotting plots to undeserving employees. The sources also blamed the secretary for receiving bribe from those who have been allotted plots. The senior workers have the stance that they have been victimised, as they had no money or contacts to bait the secretary. Reliable sources said the affected employees have decided to file a case against the injustice and a cold war has kicked off between the administration and the employees. The secretary admin was phoned for taking his stance on the issue but he could not be reached.