MULTAN - It’s not just the revival of past party alignments the by-poll to NA-151 has brought with it but also a severe phase of destruction within the local organizations of many political parties, the survey of the constituency reveals.

Some leaders of both the major parties- PML-N and PPP have so far become turncoats while some others are about to fly from their current positions. Political observers are of the opinion that the fast changing situation in the constituency is reflective of the fact that an interesting contest would take place, though in the beginning it was being seen as a one-sided election in the favour of Abdul Qadir Gilani.

The NA-151 constituency got vacated because of disqualification former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and PPPP nominated his son Abdul Qadir Gilani as its candidates. Similarly, PML-N is supporting Malik Shaukat Hayat Bosan, an independent candidate and brother of PTI leader Malik Sikandar Hayat Bosan. The polling will take place on July 19.

In a dramatic development, the probable candidate of PML-N Malik Ishaq Bucha withdrew in the favour of his rival Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani of PPP despite the fact that he had submitted his nomination papers and started campaign. Similarly, a former senior vice president of N League Ashiq Shijra also announced to support Gillani junior.

On the other hand a sitting MPA of PPP from PP-200 Malik Ahmad Hassan Dehar, once considered right hand of former premier Gilani, may declare his joining a new party soon too. Sources claim that Dehar, who did not go to receive Gillani on his arrival, got offended on inclusion of Bucha in PPP and was in contact with both PML-N and PTI. Similarly, some of the Makhdooms of Sher Shah, who have traditionally been with the PPP, now stand with Shaukat Bosan because of their opposition to their relative and former town nazim Abbas Akbar Moni Shah, who is supporting Gilani junior.

It is also amazing for many to see a PTI leader (Sikandar Bosan) running election campaign of a PML-N backed candidate (Shaukat Bosan) in a by election. The PTI has decided in principle not to participate in any by election. Similarly, PTI plays the role of a strong opposition to PML-N in Punjab as its leader Imran Khan subjects Sharif brothers to tough criticism. A rumor circulates in Multan that Bosans might quit their current party to pay back to PML-N, if they win the election.